Letters to the Editor

Hilton Head tax increase out of step with economy

It is inconceivable that Hilton Head Island town manager Steve Riley and our elected officials on Town Council even thought about raising our taxes during these hard economic times.

What planet are they living on? The inflation time bomb is ticking; U.S. energy prices rose 3.5 percent in March alone. Airline prices have surged, food prices at the wholesale level rose by the most in 36 years, restaurant prices are climbing and the list goes on.

The town expects to collect about $725,000 in new revenue with the tax increase. Here are some of the pet projects the tax increase could help pay for: An expensive expansion and renovation of the Island Recreation Center and Senior Center, the development of the Coligny Beach area and perhaps a new sailing center.

It also includes money to hire consultants to rewrite the town's Land Management Ordinance. It's enough to make your head spin.

Are these items a good use of our taxpayer money?

Homeowners have seen the values of their homes drop in the past few years. Many hard-working families and retirees are forced to cut back on any extra expenses and have trouble just paying their mortgage.

The last thing we needed was a tax increase just because, as Riley stated, "We have this one-time shot. It's use it or lose it." This statement is both insensitive and insulting.

Catherine A. Drescher

Hilton Head Island