Letters to the Editor

Conditions at libraries at unacceptable levels

The science section is now a sauna and the children's section is as far from cool as it can be.

Still, Beaufort County chooses to cut funds and to operate the county libraries on a basic schedule with basic operational needs.

Our county administrator must consider our libraries nonessential services. The decision to cut library hours, lights, services and air-conditioning is deplorable. Not only can one not use the library at certain times of the day, but you also won't want to stay there more than five minutes.

The conditions at the Hilton Head Island library are intolerable whether you're there to locate a book, study, use the Internet or work. When is the last time the county administrator saw children using the learning computers and sweating?

Please do something to correct this unsatisfactory situation. Turn on the lights and the air-conditioning. If not, over time, the heat and humidity will ruin the contents of the library. Unlock the doors to our county libraries, which are wonderful resources.

Some day, when books are no longer in print, you can close the library, if you must. Until then, the people of Beaufort County deserve quality county libraries.

Laraine Unik

Hilton Head Island