Letters to the Editor

Carriage horses need respite from hot sun

I do not think it is cruel to allow carriage horses to carry passengers along the streets of our lovely city.

I do have a problem with having horses work when the temperature reaches a sweltering 90-plus degrees or the humidity reaches an unbearable level.

Worse is that when there is no tour business, horses are kept standing still on hot asphalt for long periods, while the direct rays of the sun beat down on their already overheated bodies. The waiting area should have adequate shade to allow for a comfortable rest period for the horses so they can cool down and recharge, even if just for 20 minutes, before heading off again with more passengers.

New York City has passed laws to protect carriage horses from this type of treatment. We should pass the same type of law to protect our city's carriage horses.

I have heard Allen Henry, a local veterinarian with much experience in both large and small animal care, express similar concerns about the large draft horses standing and waiting in the direct sun.

Henry comes from a long line of dairy farmers and has horses himself. He agrees: Shade the horses.

Donna M. Hutchens