Letters to the Editor

Sun City golf fees hike bad business decision

It didn't take long for the newly seated Sun City Hilton Head board of directors to take another negative action against its golfing members.

This time, after approving the 2011 greens fee schedule and offering discounts for prepayment, the board waited until receipt of the final, nonrefundable installment, then increased the scheduled fees for July, and most likely, the rest of the year. Does anyone believe that's a coincidence?

What did Sun City golfers do to deserve this?

We don't control the number of homes sold to golfers. We don't tell each other where to play or how often.

And we certainly haven't controlled through the years the policies and rate structures that have driven golfers away.

Yet the board expects the remaining golfers to pay for what Del Webb designed for the whole community. Imagine what the greens fees will be when we only have a few hundred players to fund the $3.5 million budget?

Sadly, the board didn't even consult with its own chief adviser, the Golf Advisory Committee, before making its decision.

Simply put, the Sun City board of directors cannot be trusted.

Starting July 1, I'm playing my golf elsewhere and encourage others to follow.

With deaf ears locally, we have no alternative except to force the Pulte Group to take charge. Pulte's top executives need to act swiftly. We are nearing the time when closing one or more of our golf courses may become a reality.

If that occurs, everyone is a loser, for a very long time.

Joe Miller