Letters to the Editor

No 'errors' involved in tax district debate

We have been encouraged by recent editorials suggesting that Beaufort County and the Beaufort County School District should collaborate with respect to funding issues, including the New River Tax Increment Finance District agreement.

We have made significant progress to date delineating our respective positions. Unfortunately, Wednesday's headline, which included the word "errors" caused significant damage to the progress we have made.

While the story captured the essence of a very complicated issue, the headline was quite inflammatory toward county staff members. The county's tax-increment finance records are accurate and accounted for in a very meticulous manner. There was never mention of an error or a mistake. The adjustment is a mechanics issue.

To simplify: In a household budget, bills can be paid from salary or from savings or other sources. This situation is similar to a household that has multiple checking accounts: Payments could have come out of the "savings account" checkbook or "operating account" checkbook.

We believe we need to make the adjustment for alignment purposes, from a legal standpoint. We have not reached a consensus.

While the damage to our already fragile relationship cannot be undone, it is our hope that we can continue to work together toward an agreement.

Phyllis White

Chief operational services officer

Beaufort County School District