Letters to the Editor

Double standards seem to abound in America

I was quite surprised recently to hear that President Barack Obama strongly suggested that U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner should step down when he said that if it were him, he would resign.

Now I'm certainly not a liberal, nor do I condone the sophomoric actions of an idiot congressman, but I don't remember Obama suggesting Rep. Charles Rangel resign even though a congressional panel found him guilty of numerous ethics violations. Could it be that Obama feared Rangel's Harlem constituency, who re-elected Rangel for a 21st term with 80 percent of the votes? And let's not forget that Obama's Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, owed $34,000 in back taxes when he was picked to head the nation's financial system. According to the White House, that was simply an honest mistake.

I'm beginning to think America has become the land of the free and the home of the double standards.

Steven Cole

Sun City Hilton Head