Letters to the Editor

Call health care act by its name: affordable

Here are some facts to ponder:

  • The U.S. has the most expensive health care system in the world.
  • The US is 37th in life expectancy among countries all around the globe.
  • If you watched the seven Republicans who would like to be the next president, one point on which they were in total agreement was the need to repeal Obamacare immediately.

    One problem with this argument is that there is no such thing as Obamacare. That's right. In spite of the commercials you see with Mike Huckabee railing against Obamacare and telling you to sign the petition to repeal it, there is no such thing. You can't repeal something that doesn't exist.

    The health care reform bill passed by Congress is called the Affordable Care Act. Maybe Republicans have a hard time saying they want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It does sound pretty bad in light of the two facts above.

    The truth is that we have to reform our health care system. Ours is inefficient and unequal. We have fabulous health care centers in parts of this country, but if you don't live near one of them and if you don't have health insurance, you will not get the best care. With the changes being discussed in Medicare and Medicaid, more and more people will be unable to afford health insurance, and others will lose the care they currently get.

    This will translate to another fact in the future: More Americans are going to die because they do not get health care.

    There will be many more Republican debates over the next 12 months. Let's have the moderator ask the candidates point blank, "Do you want the repeal the Affordable Care Act?" The likely answer will be "yes" even if they choke a bit. The obvious follow-up question is, "Why?"

    Maggie Morse