Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers can't afford runway extension project

Who is paying for extending the runway at Hilton Head Island Airport?

I have read many articles in The Island Packet and in various local magazines regarding the airport expansion. For the most part, the people who want it are people who fly planes in and out of Hilton Head (and pay no landing fees). Let's not even get into the issue of not paying local property taxes on those planes. Let's wake up, people. Who do you think would be paying for this absurd project? You and I.

The debt in the U.S. is over $14.3 trillion and every second it goes up millions of dollars. Of that, $80 billion is from Department of Transportation spending. The Federal Aviation Administration is part of that department. To balance the federal budget by 2025, we would have to pay 32 percent more in taxes and reduce spending by 57 percent. Our bond rating is in jeopardy.

Just because a project is budgeted does not mean we have to spend the money. Let the cutbacks start here. Trash this airport runway extension idea. Enough with spending money we don't have. Your children will have to pay back that debt, and for what? For some self-absorbed (self-important) people who live here and can't be inconvenienced? Come on.

Diane Sala

Hilton Head Island