Letters to the Editor

Squire Pope Road site could go to St. James

Hilton Head Island bought a beautiful piece of land on the water on Squire Pope Road for a sailing and rowing center.

I guess no one realized that at low tide, this property is unsuitable for a sailing or rowing center. Access from the Intracoastal Waterway by boat to this site is very difficult at best because of the water depth.

Why not let St. James Baptist Church have this site? It would be a beautiful spot for the church. The end of a runway is not the safest place to have a church.

If the church moved, the runway could be extended to a greater length so regional jets can fly into Hilton Head Island Airport. The sailing and rowing center should be on Pinckney Island. That offers much better access to deeper water and is a better site all around.

With an aging population and no major industry, if we have no way for tourists or golfers to fly into the island, what will happen to your property values? Who is going to buy your home? We have already lost one major air carrier and are about to lose a second. Many fractional-share jet operators won't fly a chartered jet into the Hilton Head airport because of the short runway and unsafe conditions without an insurance waiver. The time to act is now. This land trade would be a win for the church and a win for the island.

Ned Nielsen

Hilton Head Island