Letters to the Editor

Hilton Head needs safe, convenient air service

There must be more words written about the Hilton Head Island Airport than any other topic addressed through letters to the editor.

Some comments are enlightening and constructive. Others are at best rather naive, and a few are simply silly. There can be no compromise on issues of safety, and that is what the whole debate is really about. When lives are at risk, action must be taken to reduce the danger. That is certainly the case with the issue of the trees and the runway.

A recent contributor pointed out that the suggestion that the trees are a sound barrier is wishful thinking. They do not and could not serve that purpose. Another, whom I can only assume is not a regular air passenger, states that the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport is a convenient alternative. Assuming the traffic is moderate, it takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to reach this facility from Hilton Head.

Now add the fact that you need to check in, go through security and all the other delights of air travel, and it can easily take two hours from leaving the island to boarding the airplane. It's much the same on the return journey.

In short, we need a functional air service out of Hilton Head that is safe for all concerned.

Geoff Wheatley

Hilton Head Island