Letters to the Editor

Forget Medicare reform; throw out entire program

A recent letter writer is grateful he has President Barack Obama and the Democratic Senate to block Rep. Paul Ryan's attempt to fix the Medicare mess. I agree.

Ryan's budget plan results in $5.1 trillion in deficits over the next decade, and it leaves the government firmly in control of health care. Left alone, Medicare will bankrupt this country by 2021. Ryan's plan kicks the can down the road a good number of years, but the results are inevitable. I say don't even bother fixing Medicare; end it. Go back to the free market days of 1964.

Medicare was a scam from its inception. It was never designed to be a seniors health care program. It was designed to socialize medicine. Enacting that program on top of the Social Security Act was a bridge too far even for the Franklin D. Roosevelt crowd. Roosevelt's "Second Bill of Rights" included health care.

But they knew, like Social Security, it was financially unsustainable. They decided to implement it incrementally. Boil the frog slowly. They added Social Security Disability in 1956. Medicare Part A and Part B were added in 1965; Part C in 1997. Ryan and President George W. Bush added Part D, knowing full well it was an unfunded liability.

Government's job is to provide a clean market, not to dictate its operation or to control its output. Phase out Medicare, Social Security and other socialist programs, where government has no business.

I agree we need a revolt in 2012 to rid us of career politicians who are destroying this great country.

Richard W. Walker