Letters to the Editor

Careful what you ask for with airport expansion

The letter in the June 2 edition in which the writer suggested that the parishioners of the church near the Hilton Head Island Airport be sued for irresponsible behavior, borders on -- no it actually is -- the most ridiculous suggestion involving the runway extension and tree-cutting issues that has been raised.

I would like to suggest that those who are so much in favor of extending the runway provide the residents of Hilton Head with some concrete evidence of the economic progress that would be attained if it were extended.

I have attended many meetings on this issue and heard complaints, such as: "We can't sell homes because the airport runway is short"; "Hilton Head Island Airport has the shortest commercial runway in the country"; "I take my life in my hands every time I have to drive to the Savannah airport." And on and on.

As I have noted in past letters on this subject, if the runway is extended, we will in time become the southern version of Myrtle Beach, which expanded its airport. Airlines then offered very inexpensive weekend, round-trip fares to fill seats and bring Joe Six-Pack there to sleep on the beach, throw trash around and ... you can figure out the rest.

We really don't need the runway extension to accommodate individuals with private planes, corporations with private planes, and part-timers who must get some place quickly and easily.

Edmund Patrick Kelley

Hilton Head Island