Letters to the Editor

Taxes, regulation choking life from our economy

Imagine a rusting and decrepit America that can no longer support its aging population.

Imagine a dependent America, with supplies of food, oil and other essentials interrupted by war.

Imagine regular electrical blackouts and brownouts similar to those that afflict developing countries.

We are witnessing the piecemeal economic destruction of the wealthiest, most dynamic economic powerhouse in human history. The American economy is dying, but not from natural causes. It is being strangled to death in a coordinated pincer attack.

America's ability to survive, produce and prosper is being systematically destroyed by socialistic taxes and regulations that make U.S. production of virtually everything increasingly uneconomical.

America will only wake up when it is hit hard in its wallet. This time next year our groceries will triple in cost. How about that for a punch in the gut?

Jim Vosler

Hilton Head Island