Letters to the Editor

Church's actions hurt property values for all

The frivolous allegations being filed by the attorney for St. James Baptist Church, indicating that cutting trees will bring down the church's property value, are ludicrous.

The church's true value is its spiritual value to its parishioners. Extending the runway will have no impact on that.

These delaying tactics are an insult and detrimental to the residents of Hilton Head Island. If we do not extend the runway now, all of our property values will drop.

This is a world-renowned resort and in dire need of better air service. The Federal Aviation Administration and the consulting engineers know a great deal more about the need to extend the runway then anyone else. With the runway extension, the size of the planes will only be slightly larger, and in the peak period, there are only eight to 10 commercial flights a day.

Can you imagine the liability the town, county and church face if a plane should go down as a result of the church's actions to delay the tree cutting?

The greater good should always take precedence over the individual good. There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see, so let's get the runway extended now.

Frank Drescher

Hilton Head Island