Letters to the Editor

Obama's policies reveal hostility toward business

Recent unemployment numbers are proof that President Barack Obama's policies, like Franklin D. Roosevelt's in the 1930s, are harmful to our economy.

A perfect example is the National Labor Relations Board lawsuit against Boeing. A world-class American company decides to open a second manufacturing facility in the U.S. to augment the production of their new 787 Dreamliner.

This sensible business decision allows the company to reduce costs while hedging against the possibility of a destructive strike at its Washington State facility. They did not reduce the workforce in Washington state.

Unfortunately, for America the current regime, in control of the National Labor Relations Board, is suing the company at the behest of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to prevent the company from opening the facility in South Carolina. Ultimately, this action will benefit Boeing's competition, hurt the stockholders and cost the company many millions of dollars.

This is not fostering an environment that stimulates job creation, and it might convince some corporations to expand overseas rather than within the U.S. The administration is using similar tactics to hamper the offshore oil industry in the Gulf, thus affecting employment and the economy. Actions such as these might benefit the unions and his Democratic constituents but are killing America.

These examples illustrate that the president and his czars are hostile to business and explain why our unemployment is not going down.

Stephen Bassett

Hilton Head Island