Letters to the Editor

Land transfer plan has many downsides

On Monday, Beaufort County Council is to take public comment and a final vote on the transfer of development rights affecting properties inside the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Air Installation Compatible Use Zone. This issue is important. Transfer of development rights will influence the future of our economy. This will strip your children of any ability to develop the area when the air station is closed. It will create an economic sink hole so deep it may forever ruin the ability of northern Beaufort County to attract businesses.

TDRs will permanently remove development rights on properties of hundreds of families and businesses. Many of the parcels are heirs' property with no clear title.

The area offering the TDRs is in the current F-18 AICUZ and the receiving area to purchase them is in the quarter-mile buffer zone. This buffer zone and area from four to eight miles outward will fall into the F-35 AICUZ, making them unattractive to developers.

The actual price tag to start the program is $500,000, and the source of funds with budget battles is at best questionable. The cost to maintain it will be at least $500,000 each year by already strapped agencies.

The TDR program opens the door to predators who will seek out heirs' property holders or uninformed land holders, thus stealing their homes. The entire program is an elaborate eminent-domain land grab that will force residents to leave the affected area without adequate financial resources to find comparable homes.

Ann Ubelis

Lady's Island