Letters to the Editor

No reason to disturb community near airport

Let's preserve the historical, peaceful and pastoral setting of the native islander community around the St. James Baptist Church.

The private jet noise alone around Hilton Head Island Airport is significant, and this area is deserving of our respect.

As a 16-year resident of Indigo Run, I do not find the drive to and from the user-friendly Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport a chore. I have occasionally used the Hilton Head airport, but still prefer the connections and services of the Savannah-Hilton Head airport.

The airport tree trimming and removal, to the extent it's been done around the intersection of William Hilton Parkway and Mathews Drive, is ugly, but understandably necessary. However, any displacement of the church or infringement on property in that area is just plain wrong.

Julie Wye

Hilton Head Island