Letters to the Editor

Palin's prism shines new light on history

Wow. Sarah Palin has provided some new food for thought.

While it is always dangerous to attempt to explain what she has in mind, I think one can assume that Palin is attempting to use Paul Revere's mission (which was to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams to escape or hide from the British) as a means to celebrate our right to keep and bear arms.

As a former American history major this has opened my eyes to the conventional interpretation of other events in our history.

The first one that springs to mind is John Brown's raid on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry in 1857. The pre-Palin view has been that he wanted to arm the slaves and lead an insurrection, killing slave owners and freeing the slaves. But what if he simply didn't want those weapons in federal government hands, potentially to be used against American citizens?

Very interesting, especially when one remembers that the U.S. troops sent to quell Brown were led by Robert E. Lee and his aide, J.E.B. Stuart.

Is it possible that the shelling of Fort Sumter was also an assertion of Second Amendment rights and has been misinterpreted? After all, we've recently been told that 600,000 Americans died fighting over the tariff.

Is Palin headed this way?

Dean Dizikes

Hilton Head Island