Letters to the Editor

Ignoring won't make our problems go away

Where is the concern and indignation? Democrats, mainstream media and supporters of President Barack Obama show none of the correct concern and resolution to solve the problems of our country.

Unemployment is 2 percent to 3 percent higher than promised during the campaign. We get bailouts and lies about the effect of those bailouts. We get a health care plan nobody wants and for whom many previous supporters are being granted waivers. Debt is constantly growing and threatening to strangle our economy and the people of the United States. An answer is always higher taxes for the "rich" and no resolve to cut the spending that caused the problem. Foreign policy statements polarize our friends and support the terrorist-friendly states of the world. We have a war that has not been legitimized by Congress.

Democrats, mainstream media and supporters of Obama show indignation and ridicule for anybody who suggests a solution. Why not restructure social programs for the future to protect those who are receiving benefits and to assure there is a plan for coming generations?

Pete Ungaro

Hilton Head Island