Letters to the Editor

Safety must come first at Hilton Head's airport

Almost every day, and certainly every week, these pages have comments about the Hilton Head Island Airport and the need to increase the safety measures for the thousands of people who use and depend on air service.

A majority seems to favor cutting the trees and extending the runway as recommended by the air safety authorities. On the other hand, there is a small -- make that very small -- group of individuals who are opposed to these recommendations.

Caught in the middle are the town and county governments. Obviously, the issue of safety must be the first and last consideration, for both the passengers of the airline and those who live in the pathway of the flights. Both groups could be seriously affected if and when an accident takes place. There can be little doubt that as the trees continue to grow, so will the danger.

In the interest of all concerned, the recommended safety precautions must be applied as soon as possible. To continue this debate is both dangerous and unproductive for all concerned, and that includes both the church and the property owners who object to these safety measures.

Dana Kordylewska

Hilton Head Island