Letters to the Editor

Account for impact of illegal immigrants

Beaufort County is struggling to find solutions to its budget problems.

Money for our schools, police and fire departments and other needed services is very limited. We have a right to know where our tax dollars are being spent.

The looming question is will a tax increase be necessary because of the county's difficult financial situation? That brings us to the cost of illegal immigration on our county and us.

Those of us who legally reside in this county and pay for its services have a right to know what impact illegal immigration has on our taxes. How are our schools and basic services affected? What is the result when dollars earned here are not spent here, but sent out of the country?

Our officials have the responsibility and should have the courage to clearly lay out in dollars and cents what the financial toll is on the hard-working, over-burdened tax payer. Stop the double talk and politically correct banter and give us the facts so that we may see the real picture.

Dick Fordyce

Sun City Hilton Head