Letters to the Editor

Medicare plan makes GOP the 'Groupon' party

The Republican Party passed legislation in the House of Representatives that would replace our Medicare program with a voucher-like process.

The plan calls for the issuance of "Groupons" to seniors to use when purchasing health insurance from private insurers, of course, at premium rates far exceeding the value of the "Groupon." The "Groupons" will be totally worthless for those seniors with a serious medical condition. They might be able to purchase health insurance, but the cost would be prohibitive, except for the wealthy.

Thus the Grand Old Party has become the Grand Groupon Party, and our representative, Joe Wilson, voted for that legislation. Maybe Joe's new slogan will be "Joe means Groupons."

Their proposal claims to exempt everyone over 55. But some experts claim current Medicare recipients will no longer be able to purchase supplemental insurance to cover Medicare deductibles and co-pays. Also what will prevent the Groupon Party from including those individuals in the next round of budget cuts?

Most people want a better way of life for their children. Not the Groupon Party. It is more concerned with providing additional tax cuts for the wealthy and exorbitant executive bonuses at the expense of everyone else.

Thank God President Barack Obama and our Democratic Senate can stop this Groupon Party nonsense. I pay into Medicare all my life, and all I get is a "Groupon." Everyone needs to revolt in the form of casting their ballot in 2012 for those individuals who support Medicare.

Tony Amadeo

Sun City Hilton Head