Letters to the Editor

Don't let your mess ruin the Lowcountry

On Memorial Day, my daughter and I decided to spend the afternoon at Hunting Island State Park. It was a beautiful day, many people were there, and we stayed until 7 p.m.

Shortly before we left, we decided to take a short walk in order to enjoy the beach. We were very saddened and appalled at the condition many of the visitors had left the beach.

For those who cleaned up after themselves, thank you. For the others, what is your problem? Was it so much trouble to clean up your clothes, flip flops, beach toys, cups, bottles, paper plates, lighters, towels, etc., that you decided to leave it on the beach?

I have visited Hunting Island many times over the years, and I have never seen it littered as it was Memorial Day.

Folks, we all like to enjoy nature. Please leave it in a better condition than you found it so that we may continue to enjoy it.

Theresa Williams