Letters to the Editor

Airport should be up to island's standards

I believe everyone wants an airport on Hilton Head Island. The argument is how strictly should the airport adhere to our Hilton Head standards.

I find it obnoxious that those who moved here and became the righteous majority think their views should override the desire of long-time residents who want to retain the vision and history of Hilton Head. The long-time residents have the right to protect their island and their view of its future.

This is not about a few dissident, uninformed people wanting to ruin the airport and island for their greedy objectives. It's about intelligent residents wanting to retain our atmosphere. They want a Hilton Head airport. In this case, "Hilton Head" is an adjective.

Hilton Head standards differ greatly from other areas. The Hilton Head adjective means a low-key town that is environmentally attractive. These characteristics are why people come here to stay or visit. Our airport should not be an exception to these standards.

This situation calls for compromise. We can trim trees regularly versus clear-cutting them. If cost and safety are the issues, let's clear-cut every tree near our highways, homes and businesses.

I suggest some of the righteous majority actually go meet a few long-time residents. You won't learn of greed and evil; instead, you will begin to appreciate the meaning of Hilton Head.

Wes Breinich

Hilton Head Island