Letters to the Editor

Better solution for trees at Hilton Head airport

Maybe it's just me, but it seems that the entire Hilton Head Island Airport problem gets down to a handful of residents, who, because they can, have jeopardized an incredible donation from the federal government, the safety of passengers who want to use our airport and the economic benefit derived from US Airways' continuing desire to fly here.

St. James Baptist Church members say they don't mind topping or trimming the trees to accommodate the Federal Aviation Administration. Everyone knows that this procedure will solve the problem temporarily, but this trimming will be far more expensive and require (unnecessarily so) revisiting the problem down the road. My wife came up with what seems to be the perfect solution for all of us.

Why not cut down the trees that will just grow back and cause the same problem over and over and replace those trees with trees that will continue to provide a sound buffer, but will never grow high enough to cause the exact same problem a few years from now? The cost of replacing these tall trees with trees whose maximum growth will never be a problem would be far less than having to continually revisit this problem. How about a grove of cherry trees? Talk about property enhancement.

Ross Pascall

Hilton Head Island