Letters to the Editor

More partisan politics doesn't honor sacrifice

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who gave their lives for America.

To be worthy of their sacrifice requires not just a parade, but our commitment every day to protect this nation's future and the American dream for future generations.

To meet that commitment, we need to reject politicians who continue to promise that we can have everything and pay for nothing. We need to elect a president who understands that the presidency is not a perpetual campaign, but requires real leadership and facing up to the tough economic decisions facing the country. The bipartisan deficit commission laid out recommendations for spending cuts and limits, progressive tax reform and modest reforms in Social Security. Congress and this president have chosen to substitute political posturing for positive action on those recommendations.

Both parties are responsible for the inaction. Democrats have no plan for deficit reduction and entitlement reform except spend more, borrow more and tax more, which is a recipe for economic collapse and national bankruptcy. Republicans to their credit have addressed spending cuts and entitlement reform for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. But they refuse to address progressive tax reform that lowers tax rates, but eliminates tax entitlements that largely benefit large corporations, special interests and the upper and middle classes. America deserves better.

Memorial Day should have reminded us of our commitment to expect our leaders to work together to assure the nation's future rather than merely pushing partisan agendas. It is time for new leadership.

William T. Pendley