Letters to the Editor

Tax bill inequities hurt state, county in long run

The editorial in the May 26 Island Packet titled "Lawmakers should repeal all of property tax 'reform,' " while on the mark, forgot about the law of unintended consequences.

As an out-of-state property owner who pays approximately three times in property taxes what our neighbors pay, I personally know more than 30 potential property owners who decided to avoid South Carolina. Thus no real estate sales, furniture sales and other sales that would have resulted in additional revenue to the county and the state.

In fact, because of the tax inequities, I will not be upgrading to a new residence, which will result in a considerable loss of revenue to both Beaufort County and the state. As more potential property owners find out about the tax inequities in this state, real estate will never recover to where it was before property tax reform.

Gilbert Held

Hilton Head Island