Letters to the Editor

Don't make employees bear burden of shortfall

Why should 300 county employees pay for a shortfall that affects everyone in the county? There is something wrong here.

The libraries in particular are already suffering from lack of staff because of vacant positions not being filled. The staff has been struggling for the past two years to provide the services our communities expect by working long hours and doing far more than their normal jobs require. They are stressed and tired. Added to that burden, without much warning, the county administrator is taking away five days of salary. These people are not highly paid, and they have no time to make preparations for this hardship.

During the past months, the county didn't seem to have a problem spending large amounts of money on studies for the airport and the commerce park. Some of this money could have been better used to support county staff.

The budget deficit is Beaufort County Council's problem, not that of the county employees.

As Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said recently, "The vast majority of Americans would support the type of plan that favors spending cuts over revenue increases but includes both."

Perhaps it is time to consider a small tax adjustment before our situation deteriorates further. What the council has been doing is obviously not working.

Carol E. Morse