Letters to the Editor

Parking fines no way to enhance Beaufort

As a Beaufort native, I find the parking violations issued by the city appalling.

Just six years ago, parking fines were $3 for an expired meter. How can the city justify more than a 200 percent increase? If that justification comes in the form of paying for roads, or police officers, then why do people pay taxes?

Frankly, with a downturn in the economy, one would think the city would be looking to attract tourists and visitors. Instead, it offers up nasty $10 orange tickets if they've stayed five minutes too long in the library.

I was fined on Saturday of a holiday weekend. Beaufort is not New York. It does not offer the alternative of public transportation. Hence, most people have to park in metered parking, especially if one is going to the public library. And while I'm on this topic, why must people pay to park at our "public" library? Our society needs all the education it can get. If on-the-clock paid meters discourage people from visiting the library, it will only prove that our officials are more concerned with lining pockets than they are with the culture or the education of the people.

If the city desires more tourism, then it needs to encourage it. If it desires to be labeled an inhospitable, bureaucratic small town, then it is succeeding.

To me, it's $10 and no sense.

Michelle Bowers Burdette

Charleston, W.Va.