Letters to the Editor

Bin Laden's death raises ethical question for US

I read with much interest and agreement an editorial in the May 23 issue of America magazine titled "Slippery Slope."

One thing that has always distinguished the U.S. from other current and historic "superpowers" is our moral principles. As a result of them, and our focus on setting a clear example that our actions are consistent with the principles we espouse, I would have hoped that the Obama administration could and initially would have said, "Our plan was to take Osama bin Laden alive and put him on public trial, but unfortunately, once themission unfolded, that was impossible to achieve. As a result, he is dead."

Hopefully, that was the plan although the lack of clear articulation of it leaves me wondering whether the ultimate action set the desired example of moral conduct we want all countries to display.

Michael F. Vezeau

Sun City Hilton Head