Letters to the Editor

Furloughing county staff wrong cost-cutting plan

With all the possibilities for cutting spending, county administrator Gary Kubic and our illustrious Beaufort County Council could only come up with employee furloughs to help with the shortfalls in the county budget? How pathetic.

I suppose it was easier to just furlough some employees than really work together to come up with other cost-cutting measures. County employees have already been without a cost-of-living raise for three years. Prices are going up; salaries aren't.

Here are a few suggestions to cut expenses that didn't take long to come up with:

  • Park all county vehicles at night and on weekends, except those on call for emergencies. Many times I've seen county vehicles at stores, waste stations and churches on weekends, usually transporting families.
  • Stop filling personal vehicles at the county gas pumps. Only certain employees can do this, but at what expense to the county, especially when more than one vehicle is being filled? All employees and elected officials know they have to get to work. Why is filling up personal vehicle(s) part of the package? It should be for all employees or none at all.
  • Shorten the operating hours of the county libraries. I use the library a lot, but I'd adjust.
  • Close all county waste collection sites one or two days a week (not weekends). Again, we'd adjust.
  • These are just a few suggestions. Furloughing employees shouldn't be the solution.

    Rose D. Reedy