Letters to the Editor

If tables turned, extension wouldn't be so appealing

There have been several letters recently about a small group of "dissidents" who are holding "hostage" the Hilton Head Island Airport.

First of all, this is not a small group trying to cause problems for a commercial airline. This is a fairly large group trying to save their historic place of worship. This is a group trying to save their property values. This is a group trying to save the integrity of Hilton Head Island and a way of life.

It's interesting that the people who write some of these letters live in Sea Pines or fly airplanes. They don't care whether we have to knock down trees, houses or churches, or reconfigure a road to suit them; they just want their extended runway. They are not even willing to compromise.

One wonders if it were their property or place of worship in question, how they would feel about that extended runway.

It amazes me how people can be so selfish and insensitive to other people on this island. It certainly takes away the serenity and peace one should feel living here.

Linda Smith

Hilton Head Island