Letters to the Editor

Meat ax not right for budget decisions

The May 24 opinion page simultaneously featured a cartoon depicting President Barack Obama printing a mountain of money and an editorial from Newsday reporting that Congress lacked the backbone to support the president's proposal to cut the oil industry's $2.1 billion annual tax breaks while the big five oil company made $35 billion in first quarter profits. With no Republican allowed to stray from party orthodoxy (witness Newt Gingrich), it is not the president who insists on continued irresponsible deficit spending.

As long as the Republican Party (and not a few Democrats) are paralyzed by right-wing taxophobia, the only way our society will be able to function is to stop paying for things like Medicare and other programs most Americans consider worthwhile.

It has never been responsible to use a meat ax to make budget decisions. It has always required a prudent combination of spending cuts and tax increases. That's what it will take now. Even Gingrich, a political science teacher, knows that, although he was shouted down by his own party when he had the temerity to point it out.

Philip Fairbanks