Letters to the Editor

Prosperous Hilton Head depends on airport

As owners of a single-family home in Sea Pines, we want to show our support for Hilton Head Island Airport.

We cannot believe that our elected officials are letting the minority control the safety of residents and guests flying onto the island. The trees must be cut now, and the future of this airport must be secured.

There will be a huge backlash from property owners, businesses and vacationers if you continue to let this minority have control. Commercial flight service into Savannah is extremely inconvenient, especially on the weekends when traffic is heavy on U.S. 278. Property owners who have cars on the island have to take taxis or shuttles from Savannah, which is expensive.

We must see what is going to happen to our businesses that are dependent on not just permanent residents, but part-time residents and vacationers who may come for a long weekend. They are going to think twice about the travel hassles in coming for a short time.

As much as we have empathy for the church whose property is to be affected, the strength of the church is its members and sense of community -- not trees, whose existence may put lives in danger.

In these tough economic times, we should not be giving our businesses another hurdle to overcome. We should be pro-business. We should be trying to keep Hilton Head a place where people want to vacation, retire and live.

Please keep our island moving forward.

Linda and Paul Groen

Hilton Head Island