Letters to the Editor

Hilton Head's airport key to business, lifestyle

I am counting on the continuance of an airport on Hilton Head Island.

The project to clear-cut trees to make landings and takeoffs safer is a vital part of that continuance. If the tree-cutting project is delayed, there may be less or no interest in commercial airline companies staying on at the Hilton Head Island Airport. I am a self-employed consultant with a small business that requires me to travel domestically and internationally.

One of the key reasons I chose to move to Hilton Head was the convenience offered to my business and my lifestyle by having a functioning commercial airport. If there is no longer an airport on Hilton Head, I will be forced to consider moving elsewhere. I have enjoyed living on Hilton Head and look forward to retiring here as well. It will be far less enjoyable and attractive to me, as well as future residents and retirees, if there is no longer an airport here.

I am counting on there being an airport here and on community support for its continuance.

Please support the long-term future of this island, and do not allow the tree-cutting program to be delayed or suspended.

Kerinchan "P.J." Babaoglu

Hilton Head Island