Letters to the Editor

Speaker not talking about slavery in South

I am completely baffled by a May 14 letter under the headline, "Confederate cause does not rest on our shoulders."

The writer states that he was a Navy pilot who risked his life to defend the freedom and equality of our citizens. He believes the Rev. Andrew Pearson, in giving the keynote address at the Beaufort ceremony honoring Confederate Memorial Day, was asking the South to revert to slavery when he asked us to "remember their great sacrifice and the cause which has now been placed on our shoulders."

Slavery was but one of the many causes for the War Between the States. As is well known, slavery was used as a scapegoat for all the differences that existed between the North and the South, economic issues being first and foremost. The North would have found a way to invade the South even if slavery had never existed. I suggest the letter writer review the history and causes that precipitated the War Between the States.

I have not spoken to the Rev. Pearson, but maybe he was referring to freedom, the cause we are still fighting for today, and for which the writer dedicated his military career.

I suggest the writer contact the Rev. Pearson and find the answer firsthand.

Suzan Chase

Lady's Island