Letters to the Editor

Church, its neighbors merit support on airport

Having asked a friend living on Hilton Head Island about this ongoing dispute regarding tree cutting on the island, the answer was simple and passionate: The fine local people of St. James Baptist Church and many more in the neighborhood don't want to lose their quality of life.

Who could blame them? Would you want low-flying turboprop planes buzzing your sermons, family picnics, birthday parties or quiet afternoons? Why cut down the trees around their church so a few can fly directly to this tiny island on bigger planes when Savannah has a beautiful airport nearby?

These are the people who work to support their families and everyone else's way of life. In many cases, these are the people who have been on the island for generations. The Campbell family here in Sheldon has decided to enter the ring in support of the good people of St. James Baptist Church and Beach City Road. Isn't it time some of the older families of Hilton Head supported these people as well?

Christopher W. Campbell