Letters to the Editor

Obama throws Israel under diplomacy bus

Et tu, Barack? The hand that held the dagger has plunged it into the back of its friend.

Or if you prefer, President Barack Obama to Israel: "Drop dead."

Obama has shamelessly emboldened the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas in their vile and ignoble quest to obliterate Israel and subject the world to yet another autocratic Islamic caliphate.

In outlining his so-called solution for peace, offering up everything just short of the Sudetenland, Obama again demonstrated his almost limitless capacity for self-promotion and obsequious pandering to the sworn mortal enemies of America, Israel and western civilization.

The Obama administration's bus, the yes-we-can express, must indeed make for a very bumpy ride for his fellow travelers. Israel now joins the growing assortment of old friends, allies, American values, sovereignty, traditions and the rule of law under the wheels of the Obama bus.

Siding with the "great unwashed" mobs of the Muslim street, Obama seems to delight in watching Middle East governments fall like dominos and replaced with the preferred form of Muslim governance -- one man, one vote, one time.

For decades, the vile, hate-mongering governments and media of the Islamic Middle East have spewed out vicious attacks, incited hatred and attempted to dehumanize the word Jew. Witnessing America's president side with the likes of the PLO and Hamas is sickening.

Kenneth H. Sailley

Hilton Head Island