Letters to the Editor

Raising debt ceiling invites more spending

The issue of raising the debt ceiling reminds me of the parents who set up a credit card for their teenager with a spending limit of $2,000.

When the first statement shows a balance due in the amount of $3,000, the teenager swears the expenditures were justified and asks you to raise the limit to $4,000. The teenager promises not to exceed the new limit. As a responsible parent, would you pay off his original $3,000 and raise his limit to $4,000 so that he could spend above his new limit or would you insist that the original boundaries be maintained?

This is exactly what President Barack Obama is asking the House of Representatives to do, but he wants to raise the debt ceiling by more than $2 trillion. In 2006, then Sen. Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling when President George W. Bush was in office. Obama's reason was that if the debt ceiling had to be raised, it was the result of poor leadership by Bush. Double standard?

Lee Sgroi