Letters to the Editor

Israeli-Palestinian issues inaccurately portrayed

The Packet ran an Associated Press story recently that was inaccurate and misleading.

The "nakba" that the Palestinians "commemorated" May 15, Israel's independence day, is not simply their "uprooting," but the very existence of Israel.

This is part of the continued attempt by the Arab world to reverse the establishment of the Jewish state, and it lies at the root of the ongoing conflict.

The article blames Israel for the absence of peace negotiations, stating that "they were quickly derailed by Israel's refusal to comply with an internationally mandated freeze in Jewish settlements."

Left out is the fact that the international community has no legal standing to "mandate" anything in this conflict; that the Israeli government instituted a freeze in construction in the disputed territories as a good-faith gesture to President Barack Obama and the Palestinian Authority for a pre-determined period of 10 months; that the Palestinian Authority refused to re-enter negotiations for nine of those 10 months, knowing that the freeze would not be extended.

Finally, the article mentions "war-won territories that the Palestinians want for their state." It conveniently omits mention of who initiated the war that resulted in Israel's administration of those territories or from whom the territories were "won."

It ends with a comment about the Palestinian intention to "sidestep a negotiated agreement with Israel," ignoring the fact that doing so would be in contravention of their signed agreement in the Oslo Accords, an agreement that carries international guarantees, including the U.S.

Sara Kesler

Hilton Head Island