Letters to the Editor

Elected officials must take charge at airport

What will it take for council members of Beaufort County, the Town of Hilton Head Island, the Beaufort County administrator and St. James Baptist Church to stop their legal maneuvering, buck passing and asinine political correctness so that the trimming and cutting of trees at the north end of the Hilton Head Island Airport can commence?

Will a major disaster or the departure of US Airways and no commercial airline service to Hilton Head (likely if the "status quo" continues) be the wake-up call that comes too late for our community?

The failure of our elected officials to act in a proactive way to preserve the economic viability of the airport is a prime example of worrying about the process instead of taking charge of the outcome. The continued tiptoeing around this issue by elected officials while the lawyer for St. James Baptist Church does his legal "hocus-pocus" is clearly not in the best interests of all citizens of the county or town.

It defies comprehension that elected officials would allow the millions of dollars invested in the airport, the millions of dollars in benefits it brings our community annually, and the safety of those flying, as well as the safety of those on the ground, to be threatened by frivolous legal maneuvering from a few folks "in a twist" about the occasional noise from an airplane. The time for talk is past; the time for action is long past due, but better late than never.

Paul Daniels

Hilton Head Island