Letters to the Editor

Remove earnings cap on Social Security tax

I continually hear the rhetoric that Medicare and Social Security are on the verge of bankruptcy. The only solution Congress comes up with is to reduce health benefits, create a voucher system or increase senior citizen payments.

A simpler and more just solution would be to remove the earnings cap of $97,500 on Social Security taxes. Remove it completely so that everyone is equally affected.

There is no question that those who earn up to the present cap are more affected by this entitlement tax than those whose earnings are above it. Removing the cap would force those who benefit the most from Americans' sweat and labor to contribute an equal percentage of their income. That would be fair and just.

The problem is, like health care, Congress won't do anything that adversely affects the rich or big business. You don't alienate the supplier to your addiction, and for Congress the addiction is personal gain and money. The welfare of average constituents is at best a distraction that must be dealt with in order for members of Congress to afford their fixes.

Congressmen and Congresswomen will never give up the benefits they enjoy but they certainly have no problem reducing or eliminating entitlements the poor and middle-class Americans have paid and worked for. Until Americans demand more from their politicians, they will continue to get less and less.

Call and write your representative. Let them know enough is enough. They should do their jobs and remove the cap.

Fran Heckrotte