Letters to the Editor

SC needs to ban texting while driving

It was by the grace of God that there weren't injuries or perhaps fatalities on Burnt Church Road as Michael C. Riley Elementary School was letting students out last week.

A young mother driving a large black SUV with two children in the vehicle, was not only driving with one hand and driving too fast (the 20 mph sign is specific when children are present), she also was texting.

She was oblivious to the fact that an accident almost occurred and her family was in peril. Had I been driving faster and not been alert, she would have struck my car and who knows what the results would have been.

What is it going to take for our legislators to recognize this is a growing problem in South Carolina and do something about it?

While other states have enacted strict laws regarding texting while driving, we are lagging behind. Until there are fatalities, nobody seems interested as too many people are either texting or on the phone while driving.

God bless America. She needs it.

Dolly Crane