Letters to the Editor

Hilton Head Airport today's hostage crisis

St. James Baptist Church and property owners to the north of Hilton Head Island Airport are holding our airport hostage. As residents of Hilton Head who want our commercial airline service to continue, we should be outraged at the actions of these few people.

Recently, our last commercial airline service provider told the Beaufort County Council that it will discontinue service if we do not cut the trees. The trees in question affect US Airway's profitability, because with the offending trees in the flight path they are forced to take off with fewer passengers in order to maintain a margin of safety for the flying public.

Citizens of Hilton Head and the surrounding areas: It is time for you to call your elected officials and let them know that you want commercial airline service to continue to our island. Let them know that you expect maximum safety while flying in and out of Hilton Head, and not the bare minimum. This is a call for action. Do not let the actions of a few destroy a valuable economic asset -- our airport.

Charles E. Reed

Hilton Head Island