Letters to the Editor

Speed cameras wave of the future

Law-abiding citizens, it is time for you to speak up.

Either we set speed limits and other road rules to protect drivers and passengers on our roadways, or we surrender to the whim of the aggressive driver.

We must accept the fact that electronic monitoring of these rules is a condition we must live with in a time when there are millions of cars moving on our roadways around the clock. Electronic surveillance is the wave of the future.

Ridgeland has a major interstate highway right through its city limits. Its patrol officers are out amidst 40,000 drivers a day who are driving at least 70 mph. To demand that they must try to chase down those who are speeding does not make good sense. It is also very inefficient. While the officer is on the side of the highway writing a ticket, others can speed by. And when a speeder will not stop, a dangerous car chase can ensue.

There is no way to regulate busy traffic flow in patrol cars.

A friend of ours has been ticketed by electronic surveillance in Savannah for pulling through a busy intersection when the light had just turned red. Many other cities and states are installing cameras to watch traffic flow for problems and, yes, to catch those who break the law.

We need to allow Ridgeland to join the 21st century -- and, by the way, to save lives and punish offenders with monetary (fairly painless) punishment.

Anne C. Pollitzer

St. Helena Island