Letters to the Editor

Leaders must keep the island airport vital

We are homeowners in Sea Pines. We currently travel extensively between Chicago and Hilton Head Island by commercial plane. The fact that there is an airport on the island was one of the reasons that we were attracted to the location and plan on making it our future home.

Our family can easily and quickly get here from anywhere via commercial air carriers. The planes are constantly crowded, and the impact of having a commercial airport unequivocally has a positive impact on the economic stability of the island.

All of these facts have a positive impact on protecting our individual investments on the island and, of course, strengthen the island's economy.

We strongly encourage county and town leaders to proceed with the runway extension and tree trimming in order to maintain the safety of the airport and to continue commercial air service.

We understand some would rather it not happen, but these factions are in the minority. I know it is unsettling to some, but for the majority, the expansion is vital to the future economic soundness of Hilton Head.

This is a time for leadership.

Pete and Lynda Lessek

Hilton Head Island