Letters to the Editor

Schools are last place to cut back the budget

Recently I read in the paper that the Beaufort County Council has clearly stated it will not increase taxes to fund our school district's budget for the 2011-12 year.

As an educator and longtime resident in this county, I was discouraged because I know firsthand the impact this will have on students. It is frustrating as a teacher to have worked so diligently to improve a child's education only to have it thwarted by a lack of funding. I realize that the economy in our area and elsewhere is a primary concern, but let's not sacrifice the future of our community by short-changing the education of our children.

Our superintendent, our administrators and our teachers have put their hearts and souls into making the schools in our district a beacon for education in South Carolina. They have raised the bar by believing that all children can succeed, and have put those words into action by implementing new and innovative programming that is designed to reach every child regardless of race, gender and economic background.

I implore County Council to provide us with the funding we will need to continue the upward progression that has been achieved and to help us provide our students with the best education possible. Let our children know that our community values their education just as much as we, as educators, do by providing the funding necessary to support their continued growth.

Elizabeth A. Goodwin

Hilton Head Island