Letters to the Editor

Bluffton road corridor lacks common sense

I've heard the U.S. 278 area in Bluffton called the "Pathway to Hilton Head Island." It should more correctly be called the "Street of Signs."

When will the leaders of Beaufort County and Bluffton realize the abundance of signs give Bluffton the appearance of a shanty town to visiting drivers? There are all kinds of signs ... from big billboards to numerous small signs advertising everything from dating services, mattresses and pizza to peaches. And that doesn't even include the endless signs that are displayed long before, and often after, every election. If someone ran for dog catcher, there would undoubtedly be signs erected.

Ironically, the one stand area officials have taken is to put roadblocks in the way of Olive Garden building one of its trademark Tuscany-style restaurants. Supposedly, they feel it isn't in keeping with the area. Yet they permit the outlet stores to be erected using every color of the rainbow ... including pink. While the outlets are attractive, the only area they would truly be "in keeping" with would be in the Caribbean.

These conditions have existed for a long time. Isn't it time to replace the existing leaders with new people who show some common sense?

Donald Fredericks

Hilton Head Island