Letters to the Editor

County public libraries need outcry of support

Friends of the Beaufort County Library, the fundraising and support organization for our public libraries, needs your help.

Beaufort County Council is cutting the library's budget. It has cut by 70 percent the money used to buy books and materials, and County Council has refused to allow vacant employee positions to be filled. More than 30 percent of these employee positions are vacant. The workload on the remaining employees is too great for quality services.

Children and adults increasingly rely on the libraries for reading materials, research, education and public Internet access for job searches and career assistance.

Public usage statistics for 2010 show 87,408 library cardholders, 566,585 library visits, 102,388 people using computers, 981 attending children and teen programs, and 56 adult programs. Despite that, our libraries will soon reduce their hours of operation.

Please attend the County Council budget hearings Monday on Hilton Head Island and June 13 in Beaufort, and speak up in support of better funding for libraries.

A recent advertisement by Tiffany and Co. states: "More than ever, our dreams are the dreams of our children. Their achievements will fulfill the promise of tomorrow."

Knowledge is power and ignorance is failure.

Bernie Kole


Friends of the Beaufort County Library