Letters to the Editor

State voter ID cards would not be hardship

I could not disagree more with the letter from the ACLU South Carolina executive director regarding free, state-issued ID cards that could be required to vote under proposed state legislation.

What exactly would be the "undue impact" of a voter ID card upon students? They are mobile, tech savvy, have money to spend and probably can read. No damage done here. And the poor evidently learn quite well how to sign up for food stamps, unemployment benefits, housing and electricity subsidies, as well as get paid for having children they cannot afford. They can surely get a free voter ID card.

And shame on the ACLU for singling out minorities. The letter seems to imply that minorities are incapable of navigating local government systems to secure such things as school ID cards, driver's licenses or even voter registration cards. What is the basis for this charge? This is pure racism.

And the elderly? Come on! We are already registered to vote -- and do so in large numbers.

Currently, when I go to exercise my constitutional right to vote, I must show a voter registration card or photo ID. And because this right is so fundamental and essential to our republic, it should have all the protection and safeguards (voter ID card) to ensure free and valid elections. This is no poll tax.

ACLU should apply its energies and similar logic to defend the Second Amendment and the mountain of infringements piled upon this right granted to our law-abiding citizenry.

Don Z. Fortney

Hilton Head Island